Star Trek: The Shattered Peace

Locations of Role Playing Journals

Though I only got to run this game twice, it was fun. Here’s a better place to look for the journals:


First Game:

Second Game:

Second game

I’ve recently posted the journal of the latest Star Trek game at:

If anyone is interested.

Characters are:

• Lt. Palishar (Andorian Helmsman and temporary captain)

• Lt. Commander Christofer Wolfe (Chief Engineer)

• Lt. Commander Charles de Winter (Security Chief)

• Lt. (j.g.) Brevian Howard (Chief Science Officer)

• Lance Corporal L’Avatt (Andorian Marine)

• Chief Petty Officer Alex Knight (Security man) — Austin

They’re aboard the U.S.S. Alert, a Ranger Class Scout.


Role Playing Journals

If anyone is interested, the journals of our FASA Star Trek game can be found here:


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